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Providing You Mental Health Care That Matters

Providing You Mental Health Care That Matters

Welcome to Dr. Aju Abraham Medical Center, a beacon of hope and healing in Doha, Qatar, for nearly two decades. Established in January 2007, our center is renowned for its excellence in mental health care, trusted by the community for 18 years. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Aju Abraham, a UK-qualified Consultant Psychiatrist, we have built a reputation for delivering compassionate and comprehensive treatment for a wide range of psychiatric conditions.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Leadership: Led by Dr. Aju Abraham, who brings extensive experience and a deep commitment to mental health.

Comprehensive Services: We provide psychiatric care for children, adults, and the elderly, addressing various mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more.

Integrated Approach: Our treatment methods include psychopharmacological, psychotherapeutic, and psychological approaches tailored to each individual's needs.

Specialized Assessments: We offer thorough assessments for all types of mental health disorders, including ADHD assessments, learning difficulties, speech-language evaluations, and more.

Holistic Counseling: We offer counseling services for marital problems, work-related stress, family dysfunction, and individual difficulties.

Speech Therapy: Our skilled speech-language pathologists provide expert care for individuals facing communication and feeding challenges.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Dr. Aju Abraham Medical Center, we emphasize the importance of accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans. Our comprehensive psychiatric evaluations are complemented by detailed psychometric testing, ensuring a holistic understanding of each patient’s condition. Our approach guarantees a thorough and precise evaluation of mental and behavioral disorders, providing a strong foundation for successful treatment outcomes.

Trusted by the Community

For nearly 20 years, the population of Qatar has trusted us to provide high-quality mental health care. Our longstanding presence and unwavering dedication to our patients have cemented our reputation as a leading psychiatric center in Doha. We are committed to continuing this legacy of trust and excellence, helping our clients achieve better mental health and improved quality of life.


Experience Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Psychiatric Care: Our experienced team offers personalized care for a variety of psychiatric conditions, ensuring that each patient receives the treatment they need. We treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and more.

ADHD and Learning Difficulties: We offer specialized assessments and treatments for ADHD and learning difficulties, helping children and adults achieve their full potential in academic and everyday settings.


Holistic Counseling Services: Our counseling services address a wide range of issues, including marital problems, work-related stress, family dysfunction, and individual difficulties. Our holistic approach ensures that all aspects of a patient’s mental health are addressed.

Speech and Language Therapy: Effective communication is essential for overall well-being. Our expert speech-language pathologists conduct comprehensive evaluations and provide tailored therapy for speech and language disorders, including the use of tools like the CELF-5 and PLS-5 for precise assessments.

Innovative Therapeutic Approaches: Our center employs a variety of therapeutic techniques in addition to psychopharmacological methods, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Family Therapy & Speech Therapy. These methods are integrated to provide a comprehensive and effective treatment plan for each patient.


Personalized and Integrated Care: We believe in the integration of psychological approaches with psychopharmacological treatments to offer the maximum potential for recovery. This personalized approach ensures that each patient receives the care that best suits their individual needs.

Join Our Community of Wellness

Experience the compassionate care and professional expertise at Dr. Aju Abraham Medical Center. Your mental health matters to us, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you need psychiatric assessment, speech therapy, or counseling, our dedicated team is ready to help you achieve better mental health and an improved quality of life. Trust in our nearly two decades of excellence and join our community of wellness today.

What our clients say about us..........

Mari ...... Dr Aju came highly recommended and I am highly satisfied with his service. Every single session with him, was well worth it. He has guided and mentored me through a difficult time and I will be forever grateful to him. If you’re looking for someone who invests his attention to you as an individual and really cares about your wellbeing, I highly recommend Dr. Aju.

Hadil..... Dr. Aju is an outstanding psychiatrist. He is very kind and understanding. Dr. Aju exhibits a vast working knowledge of psychiatric, emotional, and mental disorders and the issues and symptoms that stem from these disorders. I always felt at ease in the sessions and I have really appreciated and benefited from being under such excellent care.

John..... I arrived at Dr. Aju’s clinic very much in need of psychiatric help, and soon after I started consultations and treatment, my health and state of mind improved. Dr. Aju was sensitive to my needs and adapted medical prescriptions and other treatments according to my progress. The support staff were also attentive to the patients’ time availability and scheduled appointments accordingly. The staff were always diligent to remind patients of their appointments and dealt with all administrative matters competently and courteously.

Saloom ..... Dr aju was approachable, pleasant and a great listener. I was apprehensive regarding my appointment, and had felt a significant degree of worry leading up to it. Within 10 minutes of beginning my appointment I felt at ease speaking to him, irrespective of the topic. I would wholeheartedly recommend his care to any patient.

Mamta..... I have been receiving treatment at Dr. Aju Abraham‘s clinic since 2018 and have benefited tremendously from their counseling and medication. The staff is caring, patient and friendly and they have always made me feel at ease there. The facility is clean, prim and proper and managed professionally. I would definitely recommend the clinic to anybody who requires help with their mental condition.

Better Health Starts with You!
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